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Collaboration, redefined for the modern Marketing Department

Still coordinating your marketing department with spreadsheets, or trying to use developers' project management tools?
Join TidyMarketer and see how much better your work day can be.

Media Plan BuilderBudgeting, Simplified

Loaded with benchmarks and automatic formulas, our unique Media Plan Builder saves you time and helps you come up with accurate projections for your media investments.

Campaign CalendarCalendaring, Perfected

Forget about searching for a marketing calendar template. Our campaign calendar was designed by and for marketers like you, so you can easily coordinate all your marketing programs in one easy to use, easy to share interface.

Team CommunicationYour team - synced

Elevate your work by easily producing a professional looking Marketing Plans with your team, executives, sales and external stakeholders.

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See how TidyMarketer can make your marketing team work much better:

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Your Marketing Planning Companion

Marketing Planning and Collaboration: Solved

How can TidyMarketer help you?

  • Come up with accurate media projections.
  • Share a professional looking marketing plan with one click.
  • Our Smart Media Plan Calculator allows you to play with different scenarios.
  • Assign tasks to your designers, developers, copywriter, and external vendors.
  • Never miss a deadline.
  • Your team: synced.

Simple Pricing

$25 per user per Month | Custom plans available for multi-calendar needs.

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Happy Customers

See what people are saying about us:

Pablo Orlando, COO at The Gone App
I can't believe we used to spend so much time manually creating media plans. Now my team works faster and smarter and we are able to bring in more business.
Pablo Orlando, COO at The Gone App
We are a small team with a huge workload. We now work faster and our team is always synced with one another.
Pablo Orlando, COO at The Gone App
I literally run hundreds of campaigns at once. Trying to stay on top of all these programs while keeping the team coordinated to execute effectively and then communicating those plans to other marketing departments, sales managers, and executives is a nightmare. We have used TidyMarketer to simplify all of that. Our entire team is now in sync and can focus our time on being the best marketers - not in messy spreadsheets.

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